• Rickie Yudin

What Strengths Have You Exemplified During The Pandemic?

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

Fulcrum has just wrapped up our annual end of year/almost start of year team meetings (in a normal year we might call this a retreat). Beyond the usual state of the company type work and the chance to reflect on the incredible team we have, it’s also been a chance for us to catch our collective breath after nearly five months of shifting winds.

Figuratively, it’s been a breath of fresh air for us. At each of our quarterly retreats, we engage in an exercise that digs into our strengths as identified by Strengthsfinder. After a long few months that have felt exhausting, and frankly, often harsh and negative, the exercise we engaged in this time around pushed us to think about how our strengths were a light in this otherwise dark time. How did we leverage them to continue our pursuit of excellent support for our school partners? What role did they play as we pushed to be more actively anti-racist individuals?

It was empowering and encouraged us to lift up ourselves and those around us. We remembered that even in the hardest of times, which candidly might still be ahead of us, there are characteristics within each of us that give us the autonomy and capacity to confront the things within our control to the best of our ability.

As the school year approaches, I encourage you to think about the last few months too. What strengths have you exemplified during the pandemic and how have they uplifted you and those around you? How will you continue to lean into those strengths when a new challenge comes along? A lot of what is ahead is beyond our control, but for the pieces that are within our control, our strengths will help us lead the way.

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