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Fulcrum Education Solutions Partners with Whetstone to Expand and Deepen our Collective Impact

As we prepare for the 2019-2020 school year, Fulcrum Education Solutions is proud to announce a partnership with Whetstone Education!

Created by school principals, the mission at Whetstone is to accelerate teacher growth to improve classroom outcomes. Whetstone provides a digital home for all your coaching data. School leaders and coaches can capture observation data, assign and monitor action steps, document meeting notes and outcomes, and complete evaluations. District leaders can monitor frequency and quality of feedback by accessing district-level dashboards and reports. In Whetstone, the tasks of observation and feedback become more transparent, efficient, and data-driven.

Fulcrum provides in-school collaboration and coaching for instructional leaders to ensure that every teacher has the support and development they deserve. Through consistent interactions, we build your leadership capacity and coaching skills by supporting leaders to solve the instructional issues they are actually facing in their schools. Whether that is working across a distributed instructional leadership team, focusing on teacher teams and professional development, or helping school leaders establish the right systems to sustain high-quality coaching, we customize our partnerships for your unique context to turn those data-based insights into actions.

Fulcrum shares Whetstone’s commitment to teacher development as the key lever in improving schools. With our shared vision and complementary services, Fulcrum and Whetstone will be able to offer each other’s school partners the robust support and tools they need to focus on developing teachers to improve student achievement.

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