3 Ways to Set Healthy Boundaries in School Leadership

It’s practically common knowledge by now that great leaders are open and emotionally available with their teams. Most excellent school leaders I’ve worked with have learned to skillfully and diligently admit mistakes, seek input on decisions, and go out of their way to show up for their people. It was hard for me at first, yet the more vulnerable I was, the more lasting trust that I created with my team. This kind of brave, crucial leadership is hard. Without boundaries, being open, vulnerable, and available can quickly turn into becoming resentful, overwhelmed, and even inauthentic. Boundaries are self-imposed limits that teach others how to interact with us in healthy ways. By defining wha

When You Know, You Know: When To Move On and When To Dig In

It’s 9 or so weeks into the year and you’ve finally got our feet underneath you. The ship is steadying before the next wave of storms - testing, winter holidays, compliance documents. Over the first two months of the year, you’ve communicated your priorities to your team, helped them see the connections to how those priorities are going to positively impact students, and differentiated the supports you are going to provide for their implementation of those priorities. Now that it’s all done, it’s time to move on, right? Not so fast. Before you move on, it’s important to consider two things: 1) is it the right time to layer on more priorities and 2) are the current ones being implemented effe

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