Fulcrum Education Solutions Partners with Whetstone to Expand and Deepen our Collective Impact

As we prepare for the 2019-2020 school year, Fulcrum Education Solutions is proud to announce a partnership with Whetstone Education! Created by school principals, the mission at Whetstone is to accelerate teacher growth to improve classroom outcomes. Whetstone provides a digital home for all your coaching data. School leaders and coaches can capture observation data, assign and monitor action steps, document meeting notes and outcomes, and complete evaluations. District leaders can monitor frequency and quality of feedback by accessing district-level dashboards and reports. In Whetstone, the tasks of observation and feedback become more transparent, efficient, and data-driven. Fulcrum provi

Finding Community in the Isolation of School Leadership

We’ve heard all of the sayings. We’ve felt the sting of their actual meaning play out in our daily work. We accept it as part and parcel of the job. Being a school leader is lonely. In many ways, it is an inevitability. (There’s a reason why adages and quotes about the isolation of leadership proliferate.) We can’t take the isolation out of the job itself. You will still be the one who ultimately needs to make tough calls, who will be held responsible for results, who will be the face of everything that happens in your building, good, bad, or ugly. You will still need to shelter your team from tough issues that would only serve to distract them from their work with kids in classrooms. You wi

Instructional Walkthroughs: What Are They Good For?

There are few things more helpful to a school leader than observing every single classroom (or at least many of them) in their school building in one contained period of time. Plenty of our school leaders do instructional walkthroughs like this and we often go with them to help them calibrate their lens for what to look for and to provide an external perspective on what they observe. Walkthroughs can do lots of things, but they can’t do everything. Too often we see school leaders trying to look for all of their “look-fors” at once, expecting to see every single instructional practice they’ve ever discussed with their teachers happening no matter what part of the lesson they’re seeing. As an

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